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ISC Early and Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) Forum Meeting

Webinar Series


The ISC Early And Mid-Career Researchers (EMCR) Forum virtual meeting in April will be focused on a discussion around the latest working paper from the ISC Centre for Science Futures on Global Strategies for Accelerating AI in Science and Research: “Preparing National Research Ecosystems for AI: Strategies and Progress in 2024”.

This working paper provides fundamental information and access to resources from countries from all parts of the world, at various stages of integrating AI into their research ecosystems: 

  • Australia: Preparing for human-centric use of artificial intelligence 
  • Benin: Anticipating the impacts of artificial intelligence on West Africa’s aspiring digital services hub 
  • Brazil: Reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence with some cautionary notes 
  • Cambodia: Seeking artificial intelligence approaches to national research missions 
  • Chile: Finding possibilities to apply artificial intelligence in an existing research financing ecosystem 
  • China: Promoting the Artificial Intelligence for Science approach 
  • India: Gaining insights into transformative technologies and their social integration  
  • Malaysia: Enabling the Fourth Industrial Revolution 
  • Mexico: Creating a national lead agency for artificial intelligence 
  • Oman: Fostering innovation through an Executive Program 
  • Uruguay: Following a roadmap to prepare national science systems for artificial intelligence 
  • Uzbekistan: Building the right conditions and skills for artificial intelligence 

ISC Members, Young Academies and Associations, together with other young scientific groups and individual Early and Mid-Career Researchers are invited to join the meeting.






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