Virtual Rooms

The ISPRS SC Virtual Rooms was an initiative that hoped to give another good reason to #StayAtHome during the quarantine season for many. Due to its success, the Consortium decided to continue this initiative as a way of bridging the generation gap, a dynamic learning platform and a venue for our members to meet amazing people in ISPRS and in our profession.

It aims to help us enjoy our time at home by creating spaces to still remain connected with our communities. We are navigating a new way of strengthened communication, changing lifestyles, improving work and research practices and being mindful of what truly matters. The ISPRS SC would like to provide a platform where everyone can meet and connect, and we have prepared different virtual rooms for everyone.

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White Elephants

Last June 17, 2020, Prof. Gottfried Konecny, former ISPRS President, celebrated his 90th birthday. As the most significant living personality in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, the Society honored Gottfried’s life-long achievements and his relentless service to ISPRS. The ISPRS White Elephant Club (WEC) together with the ISPRS Student Consortium organized this special event, which featured some of Gottfried’s long-time friends and colleagues with whom he shaped the ISPRS over a long period. We did not only cover the past but also opened a window into the future, which was always also part of Gottfried’s far-reaching interests and ambitions.

Program and Information

Gottfried Konecny: From Draftsman to Professor Emeritus - 75 Years of Involvement in Photogrammetry

Dr. Christian Heipke

Video | Presentation 

Of Elephants and Crocodiles - the Converging of Lifelines

Dr. Armin Gruen

Video | Presentation

Lessons from Gottfried in My Life

Dr. Shunji Murai

Video | Presentation

Over 50 Years in ISPRS - The Ambassador of our Profession

Dr. Lawrence Fritz

Video | Presentation

Gottfried in China - His Role in the Development of the Chinese Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Dr. Deren Li

Video | Presentation

Gottfried and His Scientific Cooperations

Dr. Lena Halounova

Video | Presentation

From Laussedat to Learning Machines: What Can We Learn from History?

Dr. Laurent Polidori

Video | Presentation

Quo Vadis Photogrammetry?

Dr. Jan Dirk Wegner

Video | Presentation


Resources [April 2020]

The ISPRS SC prepared all the recordings, presentations and materials from our guest speakers for the Virtual Rooms. Titles in blue are hyperlinks that will lead you to the website of the organizations, where you will find detailed information. We hope that you will find these resources useful. Enjoy learning!


The Wisdom of the White Elephants

About the ISPRS White Elephant Club

Dr. Armin Gruen


How to Do Research and Write a Thesis/Paper (with special consideration of the current lockdown)

Dr. Armin Gruen

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

How to Write a Proposal

Dr. Gottfried Konecny

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

How to Give a Presentation

Dr. Shunji Murai

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

The Changing World Under the Corona Virus Threat

Dr. Orhan Altan

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

How to Write Good Journal Papers

Dr. Ian Dowman

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

The ISPRS and the ISPRS Centenary Celebration

Dr. Charles Toth and Dr. Gottfried Konecny

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

A Study of the Growth of Urban Areas using Remote Sensing Image

Dr. John Trinder

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

Learning from the Lifelong Experiences of the White Elephants

Q & A Session (audio)


The ISPRS SC Super Friends

Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Steven Ramage, Laura Mugeha and Diana Mastracci

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio) | Useful Links 

Finding Your Strength Through Challenging Times

Caroline Bowe

Video | Materials | Q & A Session (audio)

Space Science and Technology Capability of Azerbaijan - Cooperation and Integration

Dr. Rustam Rustamov

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio)

Women in Geospatial +

Julia Wagemann and Sabrina Szeto

Video | Women in Geospatial + Official WebsiteQ & A Session (audio) | Speaker's Database

Esri | The Science of Where

Joseph Kerski and Lorraine Tighe

Video | Joseph's Story Map | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio) | Useful Links 

STAMINA4Space: Developing Small Satellite Technology Capability in the Philippines

Gay Jane Perez, Romer Kristi Aranas, Mark Edwin Tupas, Mary Ann Zabanal and Julie Banatao

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio) | Useful Links 

UNOSAT: Using Satellite Imagery for Efficient Disaster Response: Examples from Tropical Cyclone Harold 20

Khaled Mashfiq and Jakrapong Tawala

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio) | Useful Links 

UP Open University: Coping with the Pandemic Disruption through Online Learning and Teaching

Dr. Joane Serrano

Video | Presentation | Q & A Session (audio) 


Writer's Block

Academic Phrasebank

Passive Voice: When to Use It and When to Avoid It

University of Kent: Instruction verbs in essay questions

The University of Auckland: Key transitional words & phrases

Queen's University Belfast Signposting

The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students

Dr. Raul Pacheco - Vega's Blog

DCU - Introduction to Academic Writing


*Note: The links provided in the Virtual Rooms were shared by the participants and speakers, for reference and further information. The ISPRS SC does not represent any of the affiliations mentioned in these links.

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