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ISPRS SC Youth Presentation Forum during ISPRS GSW 2023


Location: Cairo, Egypt
Date:  2-7, September, 2023

ISPRS SC organizes a forum where students and young researchers attending the Geospatial Week 2023 can give a presentation about their research. We particularly encourage local and regional students to participate and provide the attendees with an overview of the geospatial and/or remote sensing research undertaken in Egypt and other African Regions, although presentations throughout the globe are welcomed.

The objective of this forum is to provide a platform for communication, networking and exchange of research ideas among students and young professionals while promoting ISPRS SC and its activities. Moreover, as one of the ISPRS SC targets of 2023 is to expand our sphere of influence in Africa through Student Chapters and collaborations, this event will be an opportunity for us to connect with people and organizations that might become our next African partners. Importantly, the best paper nominated from this forum will be eligible to compete for the ISPRS Student

Consortium Excellence Award.


For details, visit the event website: 

Laxmi Thapa
Wednesday, March 1, 2023


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