ISPRS WG IV/1, WG V/5, Student Consortium Summer School

It is our great pleasure to invite students and young researchers to attend the ISPRS Summer School at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in Poland, 26-30 August 2019. The event will be organised jointly by Wroclaw University of Science and Technology , Forest Research Institute and ISPRS, in particular by two ISPRS working groups IV/1 and V/5 with support of Student Consortium.

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ISPRS Technical Commission III WG III/2, 10 Joint Workshop

Recently, an increasing frequency of extreme climatic events has been observed. Hence there is concern that the impacts of global environmental change is increasing. It is reported that extreme weather such as strong typhoon, hurricanes, torrential rain, droughts and heat waves are taking places at various places in the world. These extreme weather caused by climate change are affecting to not only natural environment but also human environment.

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ISPRS SC and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Summer School 2018: Big GeoSensing Data Ecosystem: Theory, Processing & Application

This summer school is  a collaborative program among the ISPRS, ISPRS SC, Geoscience & Digital Earth Centre (INSTeG), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia that aims to build the capacities of students and young researchers in the field of remote sensing, photogrammetry and geospatial information sciences.

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