About the GeoMixer Event

The GeoMixer monthly event is a new opportunity to network with other remote sensing scientists at all career stages from around the world!

This virtual mixer will support networking with other participants that you may not have otherwise met by assigning participants into a series of small breakout rooms in Zoom. This event is inspired by IALE-NA 2020's Student Mixer and our successful first GeoMixer event at Geo for Good 2020. 

This event is organized by the Ladies of Landsat, Sisters of SAR, MS IEEE-GRSS, ASPRS Student Advisory Council, the Asian Association on Remote Sensing, IEEE-GRSS IDEA and of course, the ISPRS Student Consortium!

Schedule and Registration

The next GeoMixer is scheduled on April 22, 2 PM UTC, Thursday. Convert to your local time here.

If you are interested to join the upcoming GeoMixer or planning to join us in the very near future and would like to receive updates, sign up now!

Register herebuff.ly/3cJ8us6

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About the Organizers

The Ladies of LandsatSpreading badassery w/ #STEMinism | #WomenInRemoteSensing

We partnered with these amazing ladies for our very first special issue on Women in Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information for SpeCtrum back in 2019!

The Sisters of SARA passion for all things #SAR |#WomeninRemoteSensing | #WomeninSAR

Know more about how these brilliant women are spreading #SARisBeautiful and featuring a #SAR_STAR every Friday on our radar remote sensing special issue for SpeCtrum!

The IEEE-GRSS Mato Grosso do Sul Student Branch Chapter helped organize the very successful joint IEEE-GRSS Young Professionals & ISPRS Student Consortium summer school in 2020! You can check out the ISPRS SC and MS IEEE-GRSS YouTube channels to watch the most recent summer school lectures from Brazil!
The Asian Association on Remote Sensing is an Asian non-governmental organization dedicated to promote Remote Sensing through exchange of information, mutual cooperation and international understanding and goodwill amongst the member countries of Asia-Pacific Region. Established in 1981, AARS is one of the largest organizations in its field with over 29 member countries. The ISPRS SC has been organizing summer schools with AARS in the annual Asian Conference on Remote Sensing for the last 10 years! 
The ASPRS Student Advisory Council established in 2006 to empower students and allow them to contribute to the continuous success of ASPRS, the original geospatial organization founded in 1934.  This GeoMixer event is the first event that we are collaborating with ASPRS SAC and we look forward for future partnerships!
The IEEE-GRSS IDEA Program shall Inspire, Develop, Empower, and Advance (IDEA) all GRSS members and affiliates of accredited societies who are interested in the fields of interest of the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). The committee is responsible for planning and organizing activities across regions, chapters, and conferences to develop, empower, and advance engineers and scientists from diverse backgrounds.