ISPRS WG IV/7, WG III/IVb, WG IV/1: GRASF Conference 2018

About Conference

Enabling the region with deep Geospatial Engineering Knowledge, will definitely assure a proper utilization of GIS and Remote Sensing which consequently will lead to proper decisions. The increase in Geospatial Engineering Knowledge shall improve spatial thinking, spatial development, spatial databases, spatial structures, spatial standards, spatial applications, spatial navigation, spatial city planning and spatial smart maps. GRASF 2017 brings together interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners from all over the world to share knowledge and define new branches of research in GIS and Remote Sensing. The 2017 event has a special focus on geo-data management for Smart Cities and other applications.

Type: ISPRS Event
Contact: Hussein M. Abdulmuttalib
☏ + 971 555500451

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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