2018 Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs FZ LLE Awards

Stewart Walker, Chair, Board of Trustees
John Trinder, Operations Officer
Marguerite Madden, Finance Officer

The Executive Committee of The ISPRS Foundation (TIF) is very pleased to announce the

2018 Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs FZ LLE Awards 

On the occasion of becoming a new Sustaining Member of ISPRS, Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs FZ LLE, are happy to offer to The ISPRS Foundation (TIF), study grants from the Remote Sensing Portal to worthy participants, for all or a selection of the following ERDAS IMAGINE software training courses: 

1- Three Remote Sensing Specialist Certificates RSSTM: each one includes 9 short courses with 9 online exams and practical assignments. 

2- Three Remote Sensing Professional Certificates RSPTM: each one includes 4 short courses with 4 online exams and practical assignments. 

3- Three Remote Sensing Solution Developer Certificates RSSDTM: each one includes 3 short courses with 3 online exams and practical assignments.

The three main certificates RSSTM, RSPTM, and RSSDTM are programmed to be taken sequentially, starting from beginner level RSSTM to professional level RSPTM and ending with solution developer level RSSDTM.  Details of the awarded courses can be found at www.remote-sensing-portal.com. Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs can provide successful applicants for these study grants with two solutions for undertaking courses:

Solution 1:  To gain the most benefit from the courses, 3 selected participants would undertake sequential training to achieve the three certificates RSSTM, RSPTM and RSSDTM. In this case the 3 successful participants would require no educational prerequisites.

Solution 2: Participants could be trained in RSPTM or RSSDTM certificates only, without taking RSSTM or RSPTM respectively, but in this case it is preferred for them to have basic knowledge of ERDAS IMAGINE software. Up to 9 participants could undertake a single training certificate (RSSTM, RSPTM, or RSSDTM).    

The participants should have access to ERDAS IMAGINE software at their work place or educational institution to undertake the required practical work. If they do not have access to ERDAS IMAGINE then they would need to ­purchase a monthly subscription, at a minimum cost compared to the full software package, knowing that they can contact Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs to support them regarding this issue.

Applicants who wish to undertake one or more of these courses should provide the following to the Operations Officer at j.trinder@unsw.edu.au by 1 March 2018

  1. CV comprising evidence of education from your education institution, and evidence of experience from your employer, which indicate that you are studying and/or working in the fields of photogrammetry and/or remote sensing;
  2. A statement of why you wish to participate in this program and how it will enhance your career development;
  3. A statement about which courses you wish to undertake.  If you wish to undertake one of the advanced courses RSPTM or RSSDTM you will need to confirm that you have a basic knowledge of ERDAS IMAGINE software covered by the course RSSTM or RSPTM respectively. 
  4. If the total number of applicants for these training programs limits the number of courses offered to successful applicants, you should indicate the courses you would prefer to undertake from RSSTM, RSPTM or RSSDTM, keeping in mind the need for basic knowledge in ERDAS IMAGINE if you choose either RSPTM or RSSDTM.
  5. That you have access to ERDAS IMAGINE software or are able to purchase a licence for the period of training.
  6. The period when you would be able to undertake your selected course(s).

The ISPRS Foundation  

January 2018

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