ISPRS SC and TC III Summer School 2018, Beijing, China

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ISPRS SC and TC III Summer School 2018, Beijing, China

The summer school is an international event aims to provide an opportunity for students and young researchers to participate in a series of lectures and practical sessions at a minimum cost and interact in a more comfortable environment through social events and recreational tours, as well as experience the culture of the host country. It will also introduce ISPRS activities and potential opportunities to the participants, and widen their professional networks.

The summer school is jointly-organized by ISPRS TC III (Remote Sensing) and Student Consortium (SC). It is sponsored and hosted by Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (BUCEA).

It will be held from May 3 to 6, 2018, just before the ISPRS TC III Midterm Symposium on “Developments, Technologies and Applications in Remote Sensing”. It’s very convenient for the participants of the Summer School to attend the ISPRS TC III midterm symposium.

Themes for the Summer School  

The lectures will mainly focus on innovative practical and methodological skills to survey and map complex urban environments using earth observations and terrestrial remote sensing techniques, including:

  1. SAR-enhanced Disaster Risk Monitoring, Mapping and Assessment
  2. Remote Sensing for Forest Ecosystem Monitoring 
  3. Frontier of Lidar for Forest Environment
  4. Remote Sensing and Public Health
  5. Urban sensors and sensing for Urban and infrastructure mapping
  6. Image data fusion and processing for high-precision mapping
  7. Construction and Application of Chinese SDI
  8. Chinese Beidou and its urban GNSS applications
  9. Policy to Support the Foreign Students Studying in Beijing

For more information regarding the program and application click here  or you can download the form here

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